To perform remote notarization, you must comply with the procedures and requirements in the Emergency Rules relating to Notaries Public (Amended November 16_2020), which is located on the Department of the Attorney General’s Notary Public website.
Please be informed that Act 54, Session Laws of Hawaii 2020 has become effective as of January 1, 2021. Notaries public should read and educate themselves as the to most recent updates to the Notaries Public statute. Revisions to the administrative rules will be forthcoming. Visit the Department of the Attorney General's Notaries Public Documents web page for info.
All in-person services are suspended. The Notary Office will continue to process applications, renewals and other matters submitted through the Online Notary Public website at: or by email at:

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This provides online services so you can apply for Notary Public Commission. You can also manage renewals, payments, and examination scheduling.
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Is there a paper application?
As of 07/01/2017, we only accept Notary Public applications online.
Where can I learn more about Notary Public and this service?
Read about Online Notary on our Help page. For more general information about public notary, visit our Notary Office website .

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All in-person services are suspended.

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